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Saturna Lions Club History


The paragraphs below are unedited notes from Laura Coombs.


Some History of the Saturna Lions Club

April 27, 2001. by Laura Coombs Club Historian

In January 1974, Lion Con Hungle of Oak Bay Lions and Bob Lawson of the Saltspring Club contacted John MacDonald and Bill Lawson with the idea of forming a Lions Club on Saturna. Thus bringing together 3 islanders to decide if it was feasible to start a club here.

As the population was 175 people. After some discussion with other islanders, a hot stove type meeting was held by a group of men in the wharf store coffee shop. They ironed out the ramifications of organizing and putting together a slate of officers to get the Club off the ground. John MacDonald, Bob Hindmarch, Neville Bouch, Ken Johnson, Tom Davidson, Mike Graham, Jack Vincent, Emm Coombs and Les Crosby worked on this project.

On Feb 19th a meeting was held at the old Boot Cove Lodge with John Macdonald Pres. Bill Lawson Secty, Lloyd Smith Treasurer & 18 members. Special Guests were DG Tom Portlock of Saltspring, Gordon F. Smith, Distr. Secty Dist 19 from Bellingham and Pres. Con Hungle Oak Bay Lions. By Charter Night April 27th the Club had grown to 30 members. On this date DG Percy Frampton presented our charter to Pres. John MacDonald. We became the 27,000th Club in Lions International.

Charter Night was a very exciting time for us. Guests came from Washington Sate, the mainland, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Is. Of the 30 club members 12 were senior citizens.

From 1974 to the present day many projects were done.

Deceased Members:

PapaJohn McMahon, Jim Campbell Jr. Sam Nelson, Bernard Dixon, Arthur Ralph, Frank Copeland, Chuck Lougheed,Lawrence Smith, Don Cunningham, Walter Ratzlaff, Ernie Atkinson, Norm Fowler, Eddie Reid, John Silvester, Jack Middler, Les Crosby, Tom Davidson, Ron Emerson, Don McLellan, Bob Hindmarch, Russ Gurvey, Fred Smith, Jack Vincent, Bob Rodway, Bucky Crooks, Bob Hunter, Em Coombs, Bob & Kay Close, Harvey Ackerman, Rick Mayher, Ian McNeil, Bert Whitehead, Ian Smyth, Paul White, Darryl Jones, Hans Karstens, Laura Coombs, Ken Johnston

Members Moved On

Laura Coombs, Bill Lawson, Art Bozer, Mike Graham, Lorne Bolton, Libby Campbell, Kelly Crooks, Shelly Crooks, Dave Curwen, James Fowler, Tom & Diane Johnstone, Scott Lambert, David McLean, Neal McDonald, Don Piper, Leslie Mayher, Susie Washington-Smyth, John Money


Tennis Courts Basketball Uniforms Mayne Island Bursary Fund Graduates Woodchoppers Meals on Wheels Rec Centre Santa Ship Timmy's Telethon Eddie Reid Memorial Library Gym mats, playground equipment Ball Team Support Lions Bar

  • Saturna Lions provided a dishwasher, hot water tank, 1/3 the cost of the stove for the hall.
  • They constructed the tennis court and fencing with many hours of labour. Reseeded the grass after the new septic field was put in at the schoolyard.
  • Donated playground equipment to school.
  • Put in Bar and Cupboards in Hall Lounge. Work was done by Lion Les Crosby. Lions also put ceiling tiles in the Lounge. Saturna Map behind bar was made by & donated by PP Jack Vincent.

Annual Donations

  • Camperships to Camp Shawnigan Timmy Telethon
  • Cutting and delivery of wood to those in need since 1977.
  • The Christmas Ship Equipment for medical room (now Bellingham Lions)
  • Material for rebuilding and covering stage wings.
  • School Bursary Fund
  • Donations to Fire Dept.
  • Donations to Theatre on the Rock
  • Christmas Gifts for school children
  • Kitchen Equipment (ie. dishes etc. glasses for the Bar.)for the Hall
  • CARE Tree on Pender Island
  • Painted Church basement and put in shelves for the library.
  • Sport trophies for top boy and girl athletes at School.
  • Collection of eyeglasses.
  • LCIF Pumpkins for school pumpkin carving Contest.
  • Donation to Lions Quest Hearing Foundation
  • B6 Lions Society Newspaper published by PB.C. Don McLellan
  • Phone Directories and Island maps.
  • Paint supplies for Fire Truck # 1 at East Point refurbished by Lions etc. with labour.
  • Installed hand railings to assist elderly lady up and down stairs.
  • Built a wheelchair ramp for a PP Lion Repaired ramp at medical clinic.
  • Provided transportation, dinner & tickets for school children to see Christmas Play in Victoria.
  • Held benefit dance for blind person.
  • Donated Dave Jack Memorial Trophy & uniforms for the Saturna Oyster Catchers Ball Team.
  • Repaired fence and posts at Cemetery.
  • Presented High School Grads with cheques and trophies.
  • Donated to Manitoba and Hurricane Mitch Relief Funds.
  • Sponsored the start-up of Meals on Wheels.
  • Donated to RCMP Bicycle Rodeo at Mayne Is.
  • The Internet Café.
  • Raised funds for the groundwork of the new Recreation Centre. Thanks to the hard work & long hours by PP Don Piper.
  • Picnic tables for Winter Cove Ball Diamond.
  • Tables for Hall.

Fund Raisers

  • New Year's Eve
  • Mother's Day Breakfast
  • Crab fest
  • Journey for Sight
  • Father's Day Brunch
  • Dog and Dogs Show
  • Wood Raffles
  • Annual Burns Night
  • Beef Raffles
  • Harvest Festival
  • Crib
  • Texas Mickey
  • Salmon BBQ
  • Wood Donations
  • Bottle Drive for Timmy
  • Bingo
  • Chinese Auctions
  • Casino
  • Wine & Cheese Parties
  • Auctions

Remembrance Day Service is put on by the Saturna Lions. Family Picnics There are many things the Lions have done over the years. Too many to mention but I have given you a sample. Keep the fun & fellowship in Lions by keeping the spirit alive serving others. band and procession along with 250 well-wishers in attendance.